HIS Story

Set the mood, establish trends, and spark a change – Whatz Ur Ambition?
Ambition is more than just a name but a definition for this Dallas-based songwriter, singer & rapper.
He defines himself as having the sheer will & destiny to finish anything that he starts.

The goal with his music is to reach & teach the youth as well as the under-educated.

In an effort to achieve recognition and respect, he created his own label – Ambitious Recordz with his brother, the late “Mr. Kuwn Dalini”

Alongside his brother he has opened for and booked prestigious artists such as
Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony (who he is known to emulate and admire), Devin The Dude, members of The Wu-Tang Clan and many more.
Ambition is currently in the process of releasing his sophomore album
“Reflectionz: Tha Year Ov Bitterness (2012)”, with the lead single “4-EVER” which pays homage to his late brother, “Mr. Kuwn Dalini”. All of his albums will adorn the pre-title “Reflectionz”.  The reason that every release will be signified as such in his words implies chapters or verses of his life similar to a timeline.

So again….Whutz Ur Ambition?